About Lyric Video Productions

Slide-Of-Detroit-SkylineWe realize that the music industry is changing with new technology and ideas! That’s why we decided to offer lyric video production as an all-in-one solution for serious musicians and bands who want to reach listeners and viewers on a global scale. Lyric videos have are becoming extremely popular as more music fans enjoy reading lyrics while they listen to music online. Sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and other major video sites have become a great outlet for any artist with a lyric video.

Lyric Video Productions is brought to you by 3000 Records. Our team has worked with thousands of musicians since 1996 from organizing promotional CDs, providing radio promotion, promoting music on video and more! Since company owner (Terrance Schemansky) is also a musician, relating with other musicians comes naturally. Producing lyric videos, and offering additional promotion allows us to help artists and make a difference.

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