Lyric videos have become extremely popular among music fans, and provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your music!


VIDEO STYLE: The “Floater”

This video style option is best for rock, gospel, pop, jazz, blues, electronic, reggae, R&B, etc.


VIDEO STYLE: The “Exciter”

This video style option is best for hip hop, rap, dub step, gospel, pop, electronic, metal, etc.


Note: With Lyric Video Productions you have options! You can select your video style to fit your music and lyrics! You can also select from many available background images, including the images in the lyric videos above and more.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We hope to work with you now, and again as a satisfied customer who comes back again. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our services. If your video is not completed to your satisfaction based on your selected video style and background options, you are entitled to get your money back in full. Don’t miss out! Get started today with No risk to you.


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